Omar Avila

Age : 38

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Hello, Smile its me, the one you've been looking for. Let me be your breath of fresh air and a new beginning, new opportunities, all smiles with good positive energy, to exchange thoughts to eac other smiles. Let's do each other a favor and start communication. I am open arms to anyone who wishes to offer time and effort to a wonderful friendship. I am only a letter away. Looking for laughter, adventures, support, positive thinking, and for you to be yourself. They say words are a cure for the heart, so let me be your medicine. Treat yourself to a smile on me - Omar

About Me

Date of Birth: 12/11/78

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: I like both genders

Race: Latino


Seeking Friend: Yes

Seeking Relationship: Yes

Current State: IN

Preference: US correspondence only - Older women and men w/ a positive attitude

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: 2003

Release Date: 10/19/29

Incarcerated For: Rackerteering