Ronald Jackson

Age : 43

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Hello ladies, I am kind of rough around the edges, I am currently in prison but that doesnt mean I am a bad person. I am from Florida and currently serving a 15 year sentence with 4 years left and I am looking for friends to pass the time. My time in here has been spent wisely, I have received my GED, passed a certified production course(MSSC CPT) and a safety course before passing the HVAC course and more programs so I can have more job options in the free world. I am a handsome,single sexy man with no diseases and no one to call my own. I know its risky but what isnt? I like to take long walks around the yard...naw just kidding, made you laugh didnt I? I do play basketball, shoot pool, play flag football just a few to pass time. I have so much to say, so many dreams and ideas and just need that one woman who would just listen and is looking for the same thing. Something else about me, I'm adaptable, meaning if we're hanging out and am doing something that isnt your cup of tea, that's ok, lets do what you do.

About Me

Date of Birth: 06/02/74

Sex: Male

Sexual Orientation: I like women

Race: Black

Religion: Christian

Seeking Friend: Yes

Seeking Relationship: Yes

Current State: IL

Preference: Women

Incarceration Information

Incarcerated Since: 2007

Release Date: 09/21/21

Incarcerated For: Drugs